Saturday, March 24, 2012

Visiting Fez For a Memorable Holiday

If you want to taste the essence of medieval times in an environment that is not dead, like the museum, Fez would be a good place to visit. Such is the splendor of this Moroccan city that Harrison Ford has been called the most romantic place on earth. The city is often considered one of the largest cities in the world. Historically, this city is the oldest medieval town is still working properly.
Now, the typical thing that is associated with Morocco Riad. So if you are planning a trip there, you may be thinking of staying. However, it is best to learn a few things about them to your obvious choice. Remember, there are many hotels in Fez makes captivate. However, some knowledge and consideration will present the advantages and disadvantages of riads.
Riads are very common in Essaouira and Marrakech, with the exception of Fez. Traditionally, they are arbitrary. It was a way to avoid the eyes of foreign intruders and violent weather. However, the only notable part of the Riad is large doors, adorned the entrance.
However, stars like Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt and Will Smith have come to Morocco because of the villas of Marrakech Palmeraie. In fact, many people seeking a taste of Fez was in riads in Morocco.
Once the doors opened riad with an accident, he was taken to a mysterious world. As a typical Muslim, the beauty of the building can not be measured from the outside. It is only when you write, you can feel the beauty. After passing the gate, you will be in the center of Riyadh. In fact, this is the threshold between public and private world.
Inside are beautiful tiles and in the center of the building, there is an open space. The court has a calming effect. In fact, a traditional riad on a return to the fairy tales of Arabic origin. You will find rooms for each of its activities. However, you have the corners, balconies and corners to explore. However, a specialty with riads is that they are totally different.
Naturally, riads are best if you are looking for traditional accommodation in Fez. However, the best option to make your trip memorable is to make a mixture of different options and get as much as possible.
If you are looking for hotels in the city, you need to prepare for the classification system, the amount of change and lack of good information. Systems of stars to rate the hotels are a bit confused. Again, the riads are classified. Then there are the unquoted and illegal pension accommodation.
The setting of Morocco is changing. Naturally, the information lightly retroactively is powerless in this country. This in turn has led to lack of adequate information on the Internet. There are many useful sites, but are difficult to find.
However, to get rid of all this trouble, you should consult as many sources as possible to obtain a correct view of the city. At the same time, it must go through magazines and newspapers to find recent articles.